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Our capabilities

We are a nimble consulting firm focusing on strategy, operations, and technology.
To learn more about our story and our capabilities see below.

Our capabilities

Design a strategy that sticks, plan to scale, and maintain focus on values and outcomes

Orchestrate operations with a focus on service excellence, cost optimization, and return on investment.

Strategy: innovation strategy and return on investment

Our latest thinking

Companies often struggle with scaling innovation without a sound business case. Innovation ideas fail to get funding and leadership commitment. Innovation is often passed for more urgent projects.

Gravitas Consulting helps clients build an innovation framework that accounts for the market size, risk, and timing. Investing in innovation is essential to differentiate from the competition. We can help you generate a return on your innovation investments.

Strategy: Innovation Strategy and Return on Investment
Operations: Supply Chains that Flex Based on Market Conditions

Operations: supply chains that flex based on market conditions

Our latest thinking

With the Covid-19 pandemic, companies have had to pivot their supply chains to meet shifting demand across suppliers, regions, channels, and product lines. That requires nimble processes, systems, and facilities. Gravitas can help clients improve supply chain visibility, demand accuracy, and fulfill orders across multiple channels. Our consultants have experience in industry-leading solutions like IBM Sterling, Manhattan Associates, and JDA Blue Yonder.

Technology: a roadmap for chief information officers

Our latest thinking

CIOs often juggle with three primary mandates with any new company: stabilize, transform, and grow. Gravitas can help clients establish plans, assemble teams, and deliver on the CIO roadmap while focusing on the overall vision.

Gravitas CIO Advisory & Roadmap
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Rapid deployment of Laminar at Melissa & Doug accelerates organizational efficiency

Case study

Technology Leadership | PMO | CIO Advisory | Toy Manufacturing | Direct to Consumer | B2B


Melissa & Doug, an American manufacturer of children's toys on a remarkable growth trajectory brought with it the need for a stronger operational infrastructure. The company realized they lacked visibility to cross-enterprise initiatives, and that portfolio management became challenging due to inconsistent reporting and varied project management techniques. Moreover, organizational efficiency and productivity were impacted due to the lack of a prioritization process for project funding and resources. The client turned to Gravitas for guidance.


Gravitas assessed the client’s needs through an accelerated discovery. Our mandate was to establish a strong Project Management Office to enable growth and organizational efficiency. To roll out the Laminar PMO offering, the Gravitas team organized onboarding workshops and training, accounted for all key stakeholders and personas, and bootstrapped project data setup critical to the successful uptake of the PMO tool. Laminar was set up in a few hours and rolled out in a record time of less than 3 weeks.



Laminar enabled the following capabilities for Melissa & Doug.

  1. Visibility to cross-enterprise initiatives

  2. Ability to monitor and manage intake and prioritization of high return on investment initiatives

  3. Built-in intelligence and automation

  4. Easy integration and compatibility with existing tools

  5. Best practices enablement and smart PMO governance

  6. Decision KPIs and metrics

“There are portfolio management tools out there that are competent, but they tend to require significant investment and effort to maintain and keep them running. Being a medium-sized company, I did not think that they were appropriate, but I still wanted the dashboarding, visibility, and transparency. Laminar with in-built PMO best practices seemed a great fit”

- Mr. Mike Macrie, CIO at Melissa and Doug

To read the full case study please visit our insights page

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