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Laminar™ Portfolio Control Tower

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Organizations with low maturity complete only 25% of their projects on time.

Typical gaps include:

  • Lack of intake and prioritization process to approve projects, provide funding, and staff resources.

  • Limited visibility to the current health, dependencies, and risks of in-flight initiatives.

  • Inconsistent reporting, duplication of data entry, and manual slide creation, reducing Project Manager effectiveness.

In our experience, these issues often result from constraints PMO leaders face in obtaining the resources (talent, tools, best-practice processes) needed to successfully carry out their mission. To help clients address this challenge, Gravitas offers a top-notch, yet practical response: the Laminar Portfolio Control Tower™, which delivers the value of a high-quality PMO in a timely and cost-sensitive manner. The Laminar Portfolio Control Tower ™ leverages the breadth of Gravitas’ capabilities, enabling us to deliver outcomes for clients starting day one.





improvement in project delivery

expert practitioners

of portfolio-program mgmt. experience

from governance, change management, risk tracking, and a formalized portfolio intake process

experienced in project program management, leading PMOs, and setting up shared services teams


Gravitas PMO capabilities

The Laminar Portfolio Control Tower ™ combines P&PM experience, process rigor and tech enablement to bring Insight to Oversight.


Enterprise PMO Improvement Experience

Deep expertise in transforming project and portfolio teams for large enterprises, using disciplined project management approaches (waterfall, agile, hybrid).


PMO Automation Enablement

Comprehensive set of PMO dashboards (with drill-down ability), automated reports and event-driven alerting, customized to the access and visibility needs of each client.


Best practice Asset Library

Pre-built assets leveraging Fortune 500 best practices in Program Management (template library including project plans, tracking tools, status reporting, review presentations).


Expert Practitioners On Demand

Highly proficient Program and Project Management talent (with certifications) to supplement client teams as and when needed.

Our approach

1. Conduct Strategic Planning

  • Planning

    • Annual planning

    • Quarterly planning & budgeting

  • Intake and prioritization

    • Business case (estimated value $)

    • Monthly approvals process

2. Manage Execution & Delivery

  • Project management

    • Plan and milestones (SDLC)

    • Risk / issue management

    • Change control process

    • Project budget management

    • Resource management & staffing

  • Go-live planning

  • Transition to support​

  • Change management & training

3. Track Outcomes

  • PMO KPI scorecard

    • On time %

    • On budget %

    • On scope %

  • Value realization $

4. Serve Stakeholders and Communicate

  • Weekly status reports

  • Monthly steering committee meetings

  • Executive leadership reports

Client experience

The powerful information visualization capabilities of Laminar™ have been leveraged in the Portfolio Control Tower, providing unmatched transparency to all PMO participants, including business stakeholders and executives. Pre-configured dashboards, automated reports and configurable alerts for a best practice P-PM organization can be customized to each client’s environment and are enabled with drill-down capabilities, so there is always a single source of truth, easily accessible to authorized users.  

What our clients say

Gravitas helps clients across industries, leveraging cross-industry best practices, opportunities, and outcomes. 

“There are portfolio management tools out there that are competent, but they tend to require significant investment and effort to maintain. Being a medium-sized company, I did not think that they were appropriate, but I still wanted the dashboarding, visibility, and transparency.  Laminar™, with in-built PMO best practices, seemed a great fit.”

Gravitas Client - Mike Macrie

Mike Macrie, Chief Information Officer at Baxter BioPharma

Featured insights


November 17, 2022 -   A well-run PMO brings standardized project management practices and frameworks and trains Project Managers, assisting in increasing the overall productivity of the organization and delivering projects on time, on budget, and on scope. The PMO helps organizations optimize returns on their portfolio of projects by helping align resources to projects prioritized by stakeholders driven by business goals.

PMO strategy and operating model


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