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Gravitas Consulting helps clients across industries, leveraging cross-industry best practices, opportunities, and outcomes. We have deep experience in the Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods, and Quick Service Restaurant industries. In addition, we are growing our Aerospace industry practice.

Project Management for Luxury Retail, Furniture, Specialty Retail, & Grocery Retail

Our deep expertise in retail spans luxury retail, furniture, specialty retail, and grocery retail.

Omni-channel Strategy
Digital Transformation
Customer Journey Maps
Supply Chain Management
Store Operations

We help CPG clients become digital-savvy. Our experience spans from grocery items to high-fashion cosmetics.

Social Media Strategy 
eCommerce & Analytics
Agile Transformation
Customer Experience
Supply Chain Management

Consumer Packaged Goods - Project Management
Two Delicious Hamburgers

We specialize in the fast-food and casual dining restaurant industry. Our experience spans small businesses to global iconic brands.

Digital Strategy
Innovation Management
Strategic Planning & Analysis
Restaurant & Drive-thru Experience
Enterprise Program Office (PMO)

Retail - Project Management

Three winning strategies for retailers

Our latest thinking in Retail

Gravitas can help retailers accelerate their growth by employing three winning strategies.

  1. Omni-channel done right: delightful experiences with your brand across all touchpoints spanning the entire customer journey, consistently.

  2. Shipping speed: ace the 1-day shipping game, prepare your fulfillment networks to deliver.

  3. Personalization: reward consumers with the right offers and products in exchange for their personal information.

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Covid-19 accelerating the push to online CPG sales

Our latest thinking in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

While the demand for consumer goods sold online peaked in 2020, the shift to e-commerce is likely to stick. To respond to changing consumer behaviors, CPG companies must re-calibrate their supply chains, assess the profitability of online sales, adjust pricing and promotions, and lock in brand loyalty with online shoppers. Gravitas can help you plan and establish your long-term strategy to win online sales profitably.

Project Management for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
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Delivery Guy

Online ordering, curbside pickup, drive-thrus, and delivery will stick in the post-Covid world

Our latest thinking in Quick Service Restaurants

What do all successful quick-service restaurant brands have in common? Iconic products, compelling value, and consistency at scale. However, the Covid-19 pandemic shifted consumer expectations towards safety, convenience, and innovation. QSR chains that responded the best were those that had robust digital ordering, curbside pickup, delivery, and drive-thru capabilities.
In 2020, online orders comprised over 21% of the total orders sold. In the post-Covid world, consumers will expect the convenience of mobile ordering, delivery, and curbside pickup. However, it is a huge feat to pull off at scale, requiring significant investment in technology, operational, and workforce capabilities. Gravitas can help you execute your off-premise strategy to stay relevant in the industry.

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Impact of the Russia - Ukraine conflict on the aviation industry

Our latest thinking in Aerospace

Titanium is light, less corrosive, hyper-resistant, and has non-expansion properties and hence is widely used in modern composite aircraft. Titanium does not expand and contract in the same way as older aluminum aircraft.


Russia is a supplier of half of the world’s titanium and is a direct provider to aircraft engine manufacturing companies such as Boeing, Airbus, and Safran. Some key titanium components including landing gear, pylons, and door frames apart from helicopter main rotors, engine compressors, and turbine blades are extensively used in the manufacture of aircraft/helicopters.

This crunch in Titanium supply has started affecting the manufacture of aircraft components and this is felt more by European manufacturers as Americans have a stockpile for domestic production. However, eventually, it will affect the smaller companies in the aviation business and severely impact the supply chain in long run. It is worth mentioning that if sanctions on Russia continue for a prolonged period the depletion of the Titanium supply will be affected severely and the diversion of sources will have to be looked at. One alternative could be China, the other is Japan which could ramp up the supply chain of Titanium. 

Get more aerospace industry insights.

Impact of the Russia - Ukraine Conflict on the Aviation Industry

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