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Our capabilities: Operations

Orchestrate operations with a focus on service excellence, cost optimization, and return on investment

Orchestrate Operations - Service Excellence, Cost Optimization, & Return on Investment
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Truck and Warehouse

Supply chains that flex based on market conditions

Supply Chain

With the Covid-19 pandemic, companies have had to pivot their supply chains to meet shifting demand across suppliers, regions, channels, and product lines. That requires nimble processes, systems, and facilities. Gravitas can help clients improve supply chain visibility, demand accuracy, and fulfill orders across multiple channels. Our consultants have experience in industry-leading solutions like IBM Sterling Commerce, Manhattan Associates, and JDA Blue Yonder.

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Improving the customer journey to create value

Service and Process Design

Great businesses start with the customer at the center. Designing a delightful customer journey across multiple touchpoints is essential to establish the credibility of your brand. Companies often focus their attention on the front-end of the customer journey, such as advertising and sales. However, the latter stages, such as customer service and returns may lack the excellence that customers expect from your brand. Poor customer re-engagement may lead to higher churn and lower repeat purchases, thereby impacting sales and profitability. Gravitas can help you create long-term value by tapping the highs, and improving the dips in your customer journey.

Gravitas Service and Process Design
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Gravitas Sourcing & Cost Optimization

Strategic sourcing to create win-win supplier relationships

Sourcing & Cost Optimization

While the key driver for sourcing tends to be price, win-win supplier partnerships are built on the following pillars:

  1. Access to capabilities such as cloud, machine learning, and analytics,

  2. Exceptional service levels,

  3. Flexibility to scale up and down while being cost-optimal.

Gravitas can help you design your sourcing strategy, and establish and manage cost-optimization initiatives. Contact us to get started.

Operations: About

How world-class PMOs operate

Project Management Office (PMO)

Gravitas can help establish, improve, and run the project management office (PMO) for clients. Our deep expertise in transforming project and portfolio teams for large enterprises enables us to deliver outcomes from day one. We can help you run the PMO like clockwork. We bring the tools, processes, and people to establish and operate your PMO. Ask us about our Laminar project management as a service (PMaaS) offering.

How World-Class PMOs Operate
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Laminar, PMO as-a-service Platform

Introducing Laminar

PMO as-a-service platform with in-built best practices of Fortune 500 companies

Laminar offers easy-to-use and intelligent PMO dashboards that provide our clients visibility and accountability across programs, with measurable results and outcomes. A pure plug-and-play solution, Laminar fits with your current PMO solutions to provide you access and visibility into the 3Ps – Project, Program, Portfolio – in a unified fashion. Laminar is purposefully designed to be low-maintenance and fully automated so that you can focus on applying the insights from your PMO to drive positive outcomes. 

Operations: About

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