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Design a strategy that sticks, plan to scale, and maintain focus on values and outcomes. Our strategy offerings:

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Innovation strategy and return on investment

Innovation Management

Companies often struggle with scaling innovation without a sound business case. Innovation ideas fail to get funding and leadership commitment. Innovation is often passed for more urgent projects.

Gravitas Consulting helps clients build an innovation framework that accounts for the market size, risk, and timing. Investing in innovation is essential to differentiate from the competition. We can help you generate a return on your innovation investments.

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Three facets of digital transformation

Digital Transformation

Gravitas can help clients steer through the three facets of digital transformation: consumer-oriented, enterprise-focused, and business model shifts.

Companies can enhance the way consumers interact with their brand using digital enablers such as conversational AI. The Mercedes MBUX is a great example of this.

Similarly, enterprises can be transformed by leveraging digital technologies like Machine Learning and RPA to automate back-office functions, driving cost optimization.

Finally, companies can shift or enhance their products or services through digital channels. The shift in business models using digital enablers is the hardest but perhaps the most rewarding. Even after a decade, Netflix is still a great example of how a company pivoted from mailed DVDs to web streaming content with hyper-personalized recommendations. Talk to Gravitas Consulting to get started on your digital transformation journey.

Three Facets of Digital Transformation
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Gravitas Portfolio Management

Invest in projects with a focus on value realization

Portfolio Management

Companies often start the portfolio planning process with a focus on the business value. Strategic planners spend many cycles estimating the potential value of the projects. Funding is approved, teams are assembled, and the work begins. However, as teams progress into project execution, management may lose focus on tracking the value realized by those projects. In other words, the estimated return on investment of an initial idea is rarely measured after launch as the actual value realized by the enterprise. Gravitas can help clients track their portfolios from value estimation to value delivery through value realization.

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Dealing with change fatigue

Organizational Effectiveness

The Covid-19 pandemic has placed immense strain on enterprises and employees. Organizations with robust operating models, communications, and HR policies perform better at helping employees cope with change. However, organizations with a history of unsuccessful transformation attempts are more likely to induce change fatigue among their employees.


Change fatigue can be explained as indifference to or passiveness in response to repeated organizational changes placed on individuals or teams.

A majority of the transformation initiatives fail to stick because of change fatigue. Teams that are receptive to and prepared for change are more likely to adapt. Thereby significantly improving the stickiness of your transformation initiatives.


Through our well-thought and pragmatic approach, Gravitas can help clients prevent, recover, and overcome change fatigue. 

Gravitas Organizational Effectiveness
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