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Gravitas CIO Advisory & Roadmap

Roadmap for chief information officers

CIO Advisory

CIOs often juggle with three primary mandates with any new company: stabilize, transform, and grow. Gravitas can help clients establish plans, assemble teams, and deliver on the CIO roadmap while focusing on the overall vision.

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The human complexity in Agile transformation

Agile Delivery

Agile transformations often focus on the process, tools, and metrics. While shining the spotlight on roles and ceremonies, Agile leaders may overlook influencing the change in mindset. Change is hard. To influence a shift in human behavior, the what's in it for me must be answered for every individual expected to ride the Agile transformation journey.


Leaders must endorse Agile, reset expectations, enable the right structures, set the right financial constructs, and explain the value of being Agile to teams. Gravitas can help your Agile transformations stick in the long term.

Gravitas Agile Transformation
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Gravitas User Experience

Design thinking at scale for the enterprise

User Experience

Gravitas can drive compelling outcomes by challenging the status quo. How do you measure the success of design initiatives? How many of your products or services are developed while taking input from end-users? Is customer-centric design the responsibility of a department or your entire enterprise?

In today's world, consumers, partners, and employees expect delightful experiences with your brand across channels. For companies to meet those expectations, design thinking must be instilled in the organizational culture, not just in products.

Get started with us on your design journey.

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Identifying the most value-added offerings

Platforms, Products, and Vendor Evaluation

When evaluating technology products, platforms, and vendors companies often focus on three key dimensions: total cost of ownership, capabilities, and service levels. However, the intrinsic user experience in interactions with the product, platform, and vendor may often be overlooked. Imagine selecting a vendor that has a compelling capability set, but has a frustrating invoicing experience that increases the cycle time for your finance team by 3x. On the other hand, imagine a partner that brings their best practices to your organization. Helps you automate your business process through app-based invoice approvals, reducing the cycle time by 25%. Gravitas can help you uncover blind spots and help you select the most value-added offerings.

Gravitas Product Selection
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