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Innovation Management

We help clients leverage innovation for growth, scalability, and optimization.

67% of innovation initiatives get abandoned.

Innovation is critical to the success of any business, but it can also be a daunting and challenging process. Our firm brings a deep understanding of what it takes to successfully manage innovation. We help our clients to launch new products, enter new markets, or improve their existing processes. Our clients have seen tremendous results from our innovation management consulting services, including increased revenue, improved efficiency, and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.




innovation scenarios

efficiency gains

innovation partners

innovation playbook industry-specific use-cases for retailers, quick service restaurants, consumer goods clients, manufacturing, and more

reported by a quick-service restaurant chain through the use of IoT and visual imaging

that specialize in innovation labs, AI and machine learning, automation, and augmented reality.



Innovation strategy

For clients looking to develop a comprehensive innovation strategy that aligns with their business objectives and goals

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Process improvement

For clients wanting to streamline their innovation processes, making it easier and more efficient to generate and develop new ideas.

Innovation portfolio management

We help our clients prioritize and manage their innovation initiatives to ensure they are investing their resources in the most promising opportunities.

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Innovation culture development

We work with clients to create a culture of innovation that encourages creativity and empowers employees to generate new ideas.

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1. Innovation pipeline

We help our clients build an innovation portfolio. With allocated funding and resources, we start generating a pipeline of concepts.

2. Prioritization by horizon

Our innovation prioritization frameworks helps identify the most valuable concepts based on value and horizon, market trends, and risk.

3. Iterative development

The innovation ideas are managed through an iterative development process that helps get validation in fast cycles and low up front investment.

4. Scalability and feasibility analyses

We help the client's management identify which innovation ideas to launch at scale while performing a due-diligence of the commercials.



March 6, 2023 -  Recessions can be tough times for businesses, however, businesses that innovate can be better prepared to survive and perhaps thrive in a recession. During a recession, businesses are forced to find new ways to cut costs, increase efficiency, and stay competitive. Innovation can help businesses do just that. Our clients often tap the following levers to innovate.

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