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Driving outcomes that matter

Our story began with the deep desire to drive tangible, visible, and measurable outcomes for clients.  With that as our guiding beacon, we launched Gravitas Consulting – a boutique consulting firm specializing in bringing Insight to Oversight.


We help our clients scale and improve their businesses by the thoughtful application of Intelligent Information to guide decisions and actions.  We leverage our data analytics and visualization, enterprise program and change management, and customer experience design expertise to provide leaders with the intelligence they need to do what they do best, even better.

At Gravitas, we measure success by only one metric: each client’s satisfaction with our ability to drive Outcomes that matter.  We stand behind this belief by putting a portion of our fees at risk if we do not meet the commitments we promise.

Our promise to clients is simple: we drive outcomes that matter.

Kapil Nagpal
Kapil Nagpal

Kapil Nagpal

Partner & CEO, Gravitas Consulting


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