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Laminar PMO Dashboards
Business decision-making dashboards

Bringing Fortune 500 best practices to mid-sized firms.



With in-built best practices

What is Laminar for business?

Laminar business dashboards present compelling stories about your firm across sales and customer behavior, finance, and operations.


Compelling stories

  1. Make it easy to communicate your firm’s performance to your employees, investors, and partners.

  2. Promote visibility and accountability across functions.

  3. Get measurable results about your business.

Fortune 500 best practices

  1. Run your business like a Fortune 500 company – disciplined and informed decisions backed by data.

  2. Establish business plans, monitor sales, track spend, and see what your customers are buying.

Automated & personalized

  1. Automated reports so you can focus your time on growing the business.

  2. Customizable visuals so you can tell stories that resonate with your audience.

Our clients and success stories

"Laminar helps us communicate business headlines to the company effortlessly, aligning our teams to common vision."

VP of Sales, Consumer Goods Firm

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Laminar Business Dashboards

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