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Persona-based Data Visualization

We help clients make better decisions through valuable data, meaningful stories, and stunning visuals.

Data visualization presents a 30% growth opportunity.

However, to harness the true value of data it is important to ask what information is important and how it should be presented.


Our consultative approach to building stunning reports and dashboards involves a profound understanding of the client's industry and context, persona-based journey maps, and a sharp focus on unlocking business value from the client's data. 

We help clients tap the benefits of data and analytics with agility and scalability. Together with our experience design and change management experts, we create the technology enablers, processes, and culture that turns data and analytics into new sources of competitive advantage for our clients.




efficiency gains


faster decisions

for a global fast-food chain

generated from an end-to-end analytics transformation for a consumer-goods client

by our clients as compared to their close competitors


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Custom data visualization

Build tailored data visualizations for your organization. We help you tell compelling stories about your business using intuitive visuals. Our data visualization services are designed to help clients tell their stories, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that the visualizations are tailored to their unique needs and goals.

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Business decision-dashboards

For clients looking to craft compelling stories about their business across sales and customer behavior, finance, and operations. Our business dashboards make it easy to communicate the business performance to employees, investors, and partners.


1. Start by asking pertinent questions

Gravitas brings a team of experienced consultants that have been associated with top-tier global management consulting firms and have advised a diverse array of clients, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to non-profit organizations. Our first step is to ask questions about the client’s business strategy and goals.

2. Develop high-level themes and build a story-line

As teams continue to identify strategic questions, we start uncovering high-level themes and build a story-line with your data. This helps us focus and deliver tangible results. Prove the concept, and then scale incrementally.

3. Be comfortable making decisions with limited data

The availability of large volumes of consistent and high-quality data is a major roadblock for many clients embarking on an analytics journey. Often the initial data isn’t good enough to make informed decisions, and teams are unsure where to start fixing problems. We overcome that by answering key questions based on the data available to us. Help the clients get a return on investment, and the developed a long-term data & analytics roadmap to add more dimensions, and to improve data quality, accuracy, and relevance.

4. Simple and elegant visuals built for a persona-based audience

We believe in simplicity and less is more. Our dashboards and visuals are built keeping the users needs in mind. What information is the most relevant to them, and can it most effectively be communicated to them? We bring experts from the experience design practice to improve the user’s journey as they navigate the reports and dashboards.



February 09, 2023 -  Reports and dashboards often bombard managers with verbose data and offer few actionable insights, resulting in information overload. Many organizations encounter this challenge. A significant effort is required to define the correct performance indicators, and data cleansing before managers can start to track and report the health of the business. Over a period of time, the reports and KPIs grow from a few to hundreds. The generally held notion is that managers would know what to do with volumes of data. 

The art of storytelling using data.
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