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Project management strategies to take you from good to great

Updated: Mar 12

By: Shubham Dudeja | April 29, 2022 | PMO & Project Management

Great project managers do this.


In this post, we walk you through three hassle-free and high-reward project management strategies that can help you build a great project management practice.

1. Drive motivation over remedial action

2. Create space for individual goals

3. Reward the team

1. Drive motivation over remedial action.

A good project manager often invites feedback when things go wrong. Having review sessions after a project is important. However, a great project manager uses a proactive approach and asks team members to share their views throughout the project. Having informal review sessions throughout the project empowers team members, provides an opportunity to propose timely solutions to key risks, and motivates the team members to take accountability and self-administer the project to the best of their abilities.

In fact, team members should expect regular feedback sessions often called retrospectives and see them as opportunities to find out what they are doing well and where they can improve.

At the end of a project, a good project manager provides an opportunity for the team members to showcase their work to the client and / or the product manager, who acts as an advocate of the client. However, a great project manager drives team motivation and learning by providing the team members with an opportunity to demonstrate their work regularly to each-other and to the customer and / or product manager. They also go the extra-mile to regularly gather client feedback to share with the team.

2. Create space for individual goals.

Typically, project managers are good at setting team goals. However, setting individual goals is a strong motivational tool and can be instrumental in driving ownership.

There’s nothing selfish about setting individual goals. Every team member is intrinsically motivated to some extent. Individual goal setting helps tap into that and uses it to advance a project forward.

3. Reward the team.

Increased compensation is another way to motivate the team. It is a fact that several team members respond positively to increased compensation, not simply because it puts more cash in their pockets but because, it’s an emblem of respect.

Just keep in mind that this approach can backfire if other project team members feel unseen or unheard in the compensation conversation.

If the budget is a constraint, great managers find alternative reward mechanisms such as gamifying performance, allocating slots for non-project activity of the high performing team member’s choice, and rewarding through training of their choice.

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