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Find the Right Project Management Office (PMO) Consultant for Your Business

Updated: Mar 8

By: Priyanka Nagpal | Jan 30, 2023 | PMO & Project Management | PMO Consultants


A Project Management Office (PMO) is responsible for the oversight and on-time, on-budget, on-scope delivery of projects in an organization.

PMO consultants are subject matter experts in project management methodologies, frameworks, and delivery who can assist an organization in establishing and improving its PMO. Creating a governance structure, creating project management templates and forms, and implementing project management software are all part of this process.

Project management consultants assist businesses in improving their project management processes and achieving better results. Project management consultants have the knowledge and experience to assist businesses in establishing and improving their Project Management Offices (PMOs).

In this article, we provide you with simple tips to help you find the right Project Management Office (PMO) Consultant for your Business.

What to look for when finding a PMO consultant?

1. Industry Experience along with PMO experience

Look for a PMO consultant who understands your business and the industry you operate in. Having experience in your industry will help them understand the company's specific challenges and goals. Furthermore, the PMO consultant should have experience successfully establishing and managing PMOs.

2. References and Case Studies

Asking for references and case studies from previous clients is one way to find the right PMO consultant for your company. This will give you a sense of the consultant's experience and the outcomes they've achieved for other organizations.

3. PMO Toolkit

Another important factor to consider is the consultant's knowledge of project management methodologies. One of the primary advantages of working with a PMO consultant is their knowledge of project management methodologies.

There are numerous project management methodologies, such as Agile, Scrum, and Waterfall. It is critical to find a consultant who is familiar with the methodology your organization currently uses or plans to use.

4. Organizational Culture

Aside from technical skills, it is critical to find a PMO consultant who fits your organization's culture and communication style.

A consultant who can effectively communicate with and collaborate with your team will be more successful in assisting you in establishing and improving your PMO. This contributes to the PMO's long-term viability and effectiveness.

When looking for a PMO consultant, you should also consider their certifications and professional training. Two popular certifications that demonstrate a consultant's knowledge and expertise in project management are Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Scrum Master (CSM).

What can a PMO consultant do for you?

The first step in working with a PMO consultant is typically an assessment of the organization's current project management processes. The consultant will then identify areas for improvement and collaborate with the organization to devise a strategy to address these concerns. This plan may include new processes and systems to improve project management, as well as training and resources to help with the transition.

Project management consultants provide the following vital services:

1. Develop project management methodologies

Assist your organization in selecting and implementing the project management methodology that best meets its needs.

2. Establish and enhance PMO

Assisting your organization in establishing and improving its PMOs in order to better manage and oversee projects.

3. Project management training

Providing project managers and other team members with training to help them improve their project management skills.

4. Implement project management software

Assist your organization in the selection and implementation of project management software to improve efficiency and collaboration.

5. Project recovery

PMO consultants also assist organizations in recovering from failed projects and getting them back on track. Project recovery is another critical aspect of PMO consulting. Projects can sometimes face setbacks or fail entirely.

A PMO consultant can assist organizations in resolving these issues and getting projects back on track. This may include determining the root cause of the problem, devising a solution, and providing assistance and resources to get the project moving again.

6. Risk management

PMO consultants also help assess and manage project risks in order to reduce the negative impact on project delivery.

Risk management is an important aspect of PMO consulting.

A PMO consultant can assist organizations in assessing and managing project risks, which includes identifying potential risks, developing mitigation strategies, and implementing processes to reduce the negative impact of risks on project delivery.

7. Resource management

Resource management is one of the most difficult challenges for PMOs. A PMO consultant can assist the organization in managing and allocating resources such as personnel, equipment, and finances more effectively. This can help to increase project efficiency and ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

PMO consulting is a valuable service for businesses looking to establish or improve their PMOs. Organizations can improve project management processes, increase efficiency, and achieve better results by collaborating with an experienced PMO consultant. Organizations can ensure that their PMO is set up for long-term success and sustainability by taking the time to find the right consultant.

Overall, finding the right PMO consultant for your company takes time and careful thought. You can ensure that you find the right person to help establish and improve your PMO by looking at a consultant's industry experience, track record, expertise in project management methodologies, communication skills, and certifications. Finally, a good PMO consultant can assist your company in improving project management processes, increasing efficiency, and producing better results.

You can ensure the success of your PMO by taking the time to find the right consultant.

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We bring the tools, processes, and people to establish and operate your PMO. We have launched Laminar, a complete solution to manage the 3Ps - portfolios, programs, and projects. Laminar is a PMO-as-a-service offering with in-built best practices of Fortune 500 clients.

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