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Laminar Portfolio Control Tower

We provide the experts, tools, and methodology to help clients establish, mature, and run their projects like clockwork.

Organizations with low maturity complete only 25% of their projects on time.

We understand the importance of a well-governed portfolio-project management office that follows best practices. Our deep expertise in transforming project and portfolio teams for large enterprises enables us to deliver outcomes from day one.





improvement in project delivery

expert practitioners

of portfolio-program mgmt. experience

from governance, change management, risk tracking, and a formalized portfolio intake process

experienced in project program management, leading PMOs, and setting up shared services teams

We bring our clients a full-cycle portfolio to project management offering that helps address the following gaps commonly experienced by companies:

  1. Lack of a portfolio intake and prioritization process to approve projects, and provide funding, and staff resources.

  2. Limited visibility to the current health and dependency of current initiatives.

  3. Concerns related to staffing / budget raised too late in the project execution, resulting in delays or missed business opportunities.

  4. Lack of stakeholder engagement and communication leading to lost interest and executive sponsorship.

  5. Inconsistent reporting, duplication of data entry, and manual slide creation leading to overhead resource costs.


Image by Choong Deng Xiang

Portfolio control tower dashboards

We help clients take advantage of intuitive enterprise PMO dashboards that are tailored for all audiences including the C-suite, VPs, and project team members. Laminar PMO dashboards provide visibility and accountability across programs, with measurable results and outcomes.

Modern Architecture

PMO org setup

We help our clients establish and mature their Program Management Office (PMO) organizations. We are built for both Waterfall and Agile delivery organizations. Our clients typically have a portfolio of 5+ programs and 20+ projects, and a team of 10+ project / product managers. 

Project management mastery workshops

We bring an outside in perspective to coach your project program managers on pragmatic strategies to deliver projects on-time, on-budget, and on-scope. 

Purple Smoke

Expert project program managers

We provide delivery leadership experts to manage transformational projects and programs. Our experts have experience with Fortune 500 clients, and are certified by PMI, Scaled Agile, Scrum Alliance, and PROSCI.

Abstract Ceiling


1. Conduct Strategic Planning

  • Planning

    • Annual planning

    • Quarterly planning & budgeting

  • Intake and prioritization

    • Business case (estimated value $)

    • Monthly approvals process

2. Manage Execution & Delivery

  • Project management

    • Plan and milestones (SDLC)

    • Risk / issue management

    • Change control process

    • Project budget management

    • Resource management & staffing

  • Go-live planning

  • Transition to support​

  • Change management & training

3. Track Outcomes

  • PMO KPI scorecard

    • On time %

    • On budget %

    • On scope %

  • Value realization $

4. Serve Stakeholders and Communicate

  • Weekly status reports

  • Monthly steering committee meetings

  • Executive leadership reports



November 17, 2022 -   A well-run PMO brings standardized project management practices and frameworks and trains Project Managers, assisting in increasing the overall productivity of the organization and delivering projects on time, on budget, and on scope. The PMO helps organizations optimize returns on their portfolio of projects by helping align resources to projects prioritized by stakeholders driven by business goals.




Portfolio Monitoring

Laminar PMO dashboards offer a 10,000 feet view of initiatives across the enterprise to drive collaboration and monitor enterprise strategy progress. 

“Most importantly, we can cancel projects that are not a priority for the organization. Redirect resources onto the projects that are important and only fund the projects moving forward that are important to the executive leadership.” - CIO Toy manufacturer

Project Intake

Laminar ensures all projects in a company's portfolio are vetted against parameters like attractiveness, return on investment, and cost of implementation - optimized for ensuring the business success of the portfolio.

Laminar's clients can manage execution and delivery across multiple projects - ensuring that the right projects get done at the right pace, which otherwise may miss the leadership radar, be delayed, or not be re-surfaced at the right time.

Project Intake.jpg

Project Ranking and Prioritization

Laminar's in-built Business Value Result (BVR) ensures all project initiatives are ranked before finding approval and kick-off.

This helps clients increase efficiency in the organization and maximize the value of their portfolio with Laminar's disciplined portfolio intake and prioritization. Laminar enables business case analysis, and a pulse on project risks and blockers so that our clients accomplish measurable and successful outcomes.

Project and Portfolio Roadmaps

Laminar offers a full roadmap of projects across the portfolio. It also links the dependency of projects in the portfolio. Within a few clicks. the users can drill down into tactical details of a project like resource utilization, risks, etc. Laminar gives the ability to visualize the overall impact of timing and sequencing of projects on the portfolio, and minimizes risks to ensure on-time, on-budget, and on-scope delivery.


Automated Reporting

Laminar automates the repetitive work that leads to inefficiency and inconsistency - giving the PMO team more time to focus on delivery and quality of consistent reporting to the leadership so they can focus on running the business. 


Laminar is a pure plug-and-play solution that can be configured in less than a week. It sits on top of existing project management tools - purposefully designed to be low-maintenance and fully automated so that our clients can focus on running the business.

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