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Experience Design

Design that drives growth.

An emotionally positive customer experience with a brand can reduce the likelihood of losing to competition, and increase repeat purchases by over 3x.

We help clients transform customer experiences into exceptional journeys that drive growth by identifying untapped customer needs, collaborating in the development of innovative products and services, and fostering organizational agility and creativity.

Experience design has become the cornerstone of business success in the digital age. Companies that deliver memorable, frictionless experiences at every touchpoint create raving fans who are more likely to return, refer others, and generate higher revenue.  


We believe that a great experience design is not just about aesthetics but about creating emotional connections with customers. Our team combines human-centered design with business strategy to help our clients create meaningful and lasting relationships with their customers and drive sustainable growth. 

Our goal is to help our clients unleash the full potential of their brand. Our expertise in experience design spans industries and sectors, and we have helped many clients achieve measurable outcomes through our design solutions. From improving customer satisfaction and loyalty to increasing revenue and market share, our designs have delivered tangible business impact for our clients. 




customer retention increase

cost mitigation

customer satisfaction score

for a consumer goods company

cost mitigation for community banking client

for a community banking client


Product design

Whether it is revamping a product design or creating new innovative products, understanding the customer is critical. Our team of expert designers begins the process by conducting thorough research and experimenting with rapid prototyping. Then applies a human-centered design approach to the research insights to create innovative solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This iterative approach helps us deliver breakthrough products along with a comprehensive commercial case, manufacturing plan, and market-entry platform to support the successful launch of products. We work across a range of industries to help our clients stay ahead of the curve.


Experience design

Whether it is increasing employee engagement, or building a better customer experience, empathy is crucial in being successful.

We start by empathizing with customers at every stage of their journey, enabling us to reimagine an experience that truly satisfies their needs. We employ agile techniques to experiment and improve, achieving rapid and significant results across a range of metrics, from customer satisfaction and revenue growth to operational efficiency and employee engagement. 

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Design labs

For clients looking to build and test concepts or prototypes. We help our clients test with real customers to ensure that designs meet customers' needs and align with business goals, we help our clients implement them. 

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Design scale-up

Although many organizations acknowledge the advantages of design, only a few incorporate efficient techniques and connect their actions to outcomes. At our design scale-up service, we prioritize speeding up and integrating design activities throughout teams and organizational units to make customer-focused innovation an essential part of our client’s overall business performance.


1. Discovery

Our approach to experience design is centered around identifying and addressing the key problem statements and challenges faced by our clients. We start by conducting research to understand the target customer groups, select appropriate research methods, and identify pain points and opportunities for improvement. Our analysis approach focuses on a seamless and intuitive customer journey across all touchpoints, from digital to physical. After discovering and deeply understanding customers and their needs, pain points, and aspirations, we turn data into actionable recommendations within a matter of days.

2. Strategy

Based on the insights gathered during discovery, we work closely with our clients to develop a holistic strategy to address key challenges and deliver exceptional experiences to their customers.

50% of the companies struggle to measure the impact of their customer experience initiatives, hindering their ability to make data-driven decisions. To create a holistic understanding of customer needs and preferences we help our clients identify key performance indicators (KPIs) such as Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score, and Customer Satisfaction Score that align with business objectives outlined in the strategy.

86% of companies do not have a fully integrated approach to experience design across all channels. We help our clients develop a well-defined strategy for sustainable growth. We provide clear and concise data, personas and user journeys that tell a compelling story.

3. Design

Customers are bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information every day. The ability to create a seamless and engaging experience has become a crucial differentiator for businesses. Over 70% of customer experience leaders say that their organizations struggle to access the data they need to deliver effective customer experiences, often due to data silos. Our team of experienced designers and data analysts works together to uncover insights and bring them to life through interactive and engaging visuals, delivering memorable customer experiences. This includes creating wireframes, prototypes, and visual designs within days. The goal is to ensure that every touchpoint in the customer journey is optimized for ease of use, accessibility, and emotional engagement.

4. Implementation and support

Our process is iterative, and our goal is to create a partnership that is built on trust and collaboration, resulting in exceptional design solutions that drive business success. We build prototypes in a matter of days or weeks. After testing with real customers to ensure that designs meet customers' needs and align with business goals, we help our clients implement them. We believe that this approach results in solutions that not only look great but also work great.

We provide ongoing support to make sure that the experience evolves and improves over time.



February 24. 2023 -  Experience design has emerged as a key differentiator in today's business landscape, with enterprises increasingly recognizing the importance of creating engaging, intuitive, and delightful experiences for their customers. At its core, experience design is about crafting interactions and interfaces that meet the needs and expectations of users, while also aligning with the strategic goals of the organization. In this article, we explore the principles of experience design for enterprises, drawing on insights from leading experts and research published by the Harvard Business Review, IDEO, and MIT.

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